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Big Brothers Big Sisters

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3691 Ben Walters Lane


(907) 235-8391


Monday – Friday  9:30am – 5:30pm

What is it?

Mainly a mentoring program – we match up kids with either high school students or adults for mentoring and spending time together.


There is a school program where high school students can be a Big Brother or Big Sister, and be matched with a child that’s between the ages of like kindergarten through fifth grade. Usually a six-year gap between them and their little. Typically, they just meet in the school during a free period or at lunch, or they can also meet after school and do things at an approved location in the community. They can earn community service hours for graduation if they need those or just do volunteer work to see if they like working with kids. If teens want to earn their community service hours, but maybe they don’t like working with kids; help is always needed in the office or help with fundraising events. 


We do have some online training for – specifically for Big Brothers and Big Sisters – that is optional. You can learn about child development and what to do with your little one when you’re meeting for the first time. Also you can learn littles in foster care and what that looks like, or what it is like kids whose parents are in prison and how to support them.

Benefits to Teens:

Our business benefits teens – if they’re a little brother or sister, they’re getting mentoring support from an adult mentor for whatever needs or challenges or reasons that they want to be in the program, so they’re getting that support. And if they enroll as a volunteer for a Big Brother or Big Sister, then they’re learning how to be the mentor in the match, and they’re learning a lot about relationships and working with kids in child development. Or if they’re volunteering in the office or to help with events, they’re learning about organization skills, the behind-the-scenes of working for a nonprofit and all the fundraising that has to be done, etc.


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