Boy Scouts of Alaska

On 05, May 2015 | In Education, Outdoors | By Stephanie


Meets at West Homer Elementary School.

Chartered through the Homer United Methodist church.


Brian Partridge  (907) 435­-7121


Meets Mondays 7 pm – 8:30 pm at West Homer Elementary School

Summer: Random schedule of camping trips in the area, as well as Eagle River Summer Camp in June.

What is it?

“The Boy Scouts program is set­up so that the first few ranks are general skills building. We work on water safety ­­ so we make sure if you do labored stuff like canoeing and kayaking, you’re not gonna drown ­­ and then we work on some citizenship skills. Once you’ve made first class, which is within the first couple of years, you work on merit badges; and merit badges are totally voluntary and there’s just tons. There’s merit badges in canoeing and aviation and engineering, in medicine, first aid, lifesaving – they are 160­something different merit badges that are offered. Each one has a little program. You get a merit badge counselor, an adult who is an expert in that field – or as close as we can get in Homer, anyway – who does a mentoring program and you learn everything you can about that particular subject and you have to earn a certain number of merit badges to make the next rank. So the end goal, of course, is to get to the Eagle Rank. If you’re an Eagle Scout that’s something that follows you all through your adulthood. You have to be done before 18.”

What’s it about?

“Scouting really is about becoming a confident well­-rounded adult. We teach skills like wilderness survivor and lifesaving and first aid and realistically you can live your entire life and never need to use any lifesaving skills or first aid, CPR; but the fact is just having those skills and knowing those skills add a lot of confidence as an adult. Just the understanding that you can pretty much take care of yourself, you can provide support for community, you can be a good community member. The list of helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent – that’s basically a recipe for good person.”