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Bunnell Street Art Center

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106 w. Bunnell Ave


(907) 235-2662

Asia Freeman


Monday – Saturday 10am – 6 pm, Sunday 12pm – 4pm

What is it?

Self-supporting non-profit. “Bunnell’s mission is to nurture and support innovative art of exceptional quality in all media; so we provide programs which include things like visual art exhibitions, artists in schools which you are probably a recipient of, and all of the other schools in the area, and artists in residence.  Artists in residence provide presentations like artist talks and workshops.  We also provide performances, screenings, or events.  Our youths program is called Cosmic Agents and it’s the event that brought you all Brave New Alaskan Voices.” – Asia Freeman

Innovative art of exceptional quality in all media: solo and group exhibitions, artist talks, concerts, films, workshops, Artist in Schools, Artist Studio Tour. A non-profit with a national reputation for excellence. Presenting a delightful selection of handmade items for sale.

Things Sold:

What Can Teens do?

We provide Art professional development. We love to make more live recording happen here. This space is so good. There’s been so many live performances and those that have been recorded where the performers have said the acoustics are incredible and the whole place is like an instrument, ’cause the acoustics are really perfect in here, so it would be so great to see do anything in here.


Cosmic Agents is new initiative by Bunnell to spark inspiration and leadership among emerging professionals and artists; so basically from high school age on up to potentially 40 years of age when some people decide to take their work seriously or try to figure out how to break into things like recording industry or exhibition or anything like that, so Cosmic Agents brings special projects like Kimo and Trey with Great New Alaskan Voices or an exhibiting artist or performance. We just had Courbet Choir. Courbet Choir is an Alaskan duo that actually performs internationally and has multiple albums, so they performed here and they talked about their experience and they had – we had dinner with them – provided free dinner, then we had a conversation about their work and anybody can ask questions about how they do what they do; and then we had a performance, or screening or something. So it’s just basically like a professional development learning exchange opportunity.


“It can be very flexible as to the availability and scheduling of that person; so meeting the community service requirement, providing basically on-the-job training, and mentoring.  We’re totally interested in steering it towards what might interest that youth specifically.  Is it visual arts, performing arts – what kind?  Is it video, is it editing, is it design?  There’s a lot of opportunity for that here.  Basically we would just meet with the person and try to figure out how to keep them sparked and know they love to do it. And it would be smart for someone to sort of peruse that to get a sense of what we do, who we are, and then find out what angle interested them, ’cause we could approach it in a more focused way or kind of a more general way.”

Benefit to Teens:

“I think the biggest way is that it provides very innovative and dynamic forum for creative exchange. There’s a certain scale and intimacy to this space that they feel like it’s a little bit more serious than my parents living room and there’s responsible and professional people who helped me produce this event, but I will get the word out at the highest level in Alaska and that is completely what we’re about.  So we do have the respect and rigor to make that performance come through with complete professionalism, but yet it’s just a community-based organization whose door is open for really anybody who takes themselves seriously to come and say, ‘Will you take me seriously. I have this project I want to do.’ ”

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