Captain’s Coffee

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295 E. Pioneer Ave. Homer, Alaska


Owner Ty Gates- 907-235-4970


Summer 6:30 am to 5:30 pm / Winter 7:00 am to 5:00 pm

What is it?

Coffee shop serving espresso and tea drinks, homemade snacks by Fritz Creek, coffee brewing equipment  French presses and the home coffee brewers and the espresso machines, thermoses, stovetop espresso machines, shirts, mugs, and local art. Roasts their own coffee beans.


10% student discount with student ID.

What is it? What can teens do?

A meeting place for people and to get coffee. Kids can come in and use the Wi-Fi and study before classes and stuff. They have the daily papers here. A lot of people meet here and discuss things and just hang out.


Hires 16+. Ty Gates (Owner): “And one thing that I do like when people come in is to bring a resume and one that’s neat.  That’s really important.  I get some resumes that looks like a guy wrote it on his knee out in the car before he came in the door.  If I can’t read it I just toss it in the can. Neatness is really important –  we handwrite all the labels and sometimes receipts are written and it’s got to be legible to everybody.”

Baristas (Captains Coffee trains new employees).  Baristas are responsible for all the closing and the managing stuff, even the ordering.

Benefits to teens:

Youth employment, learn work ethics, local, safe, meeting place. Espresso drinks and local snacks.

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