Homer Community Food Pantry (HCFP)

On 05, May 2015 | In Food, Homeless, I Need Help Now | By Stephanie


770 East End Rd- at the Homer United Community Methodist Church


Mondays 12:30pm -­ 3pm


The Homer Community Food Pantry is able to provide aid beyond just food. “People who don’t have food usually have other problems. Maybe there’s an electric bill that you weren’t able to pay; maybe you don’t have gas for you car; some people are homeless. You can come to HCFP for all of those things.” HCFP is able to help people financially up to $250, all you need is documentation of your needs (unpaid bills, landlord notices, bank statements). In order to get food all you have to do is give them basic information (your name, household size), and they’ll help you.

If HCFP can’t help you themselves, they can help connect you to other resources such as Haven House’s Homeless Assistance Program.


The Food Pantry always has volunteer work available to anyone interested. Bulk food items need to be broken down into smaller, individual quantities; donations need to be sorted and put away; vegetables need washed; setting up tables and chairs; etc. Just show up on Monday morning (timing can be flexible) and they’ll find something for you to do.