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Homer Public Library

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500 Hazel Ave


907-435-3195 or  907-235-3180 (Library)


Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat 10am – 6pm, Tues & Thurs 10am – 8pm


The Friends of the Homer Public Library provides volunteer support for library programs and services, raise funds that enrich the library experience and promotes the use and enjoyment of the library. The Library depends on dozen of volunteers who help support monthly programs, book sales, and special programs like the Top Drawer Collection and BIZ-Idea.


There are always books for sale.

Teen Services:

The Library is a space for teens to hang out after school. They have study rooms that are soundproofed and will allow students work on things such as music production ot online classes, but can also be used by small groups wanting to hang out and be able to talk (because the main part of the library is quiet). They also have books, movies, music, and audiobooks available for checkout, as well as free wifi and computers, access to online databases and study-aid programs that can help with people looking to take the SATs or GED. The Library also has access to Mango Languages, and online resource for learning new languages. The Library also holds occasional activities and special events for teens throughout the year. Learn more at

Young Parents:

Young parents can find several resources at the Homer Library, including storytime, reading packets, and safety information. More resources for young parents are available at


The Library often has youth volunteers throughout the year. Seniors working on their final projects, as well as students looking to get involved during the summer. Volunteers do things such as: shelve books, dust, work out back, read stories to preschoolers or otherwise help out up front, or even serve on the Library Advisory Board and Friends of Homer Library Board.


Employment is experience, not age based. The Library would like to start providing summer internships if they could get the funding.

Benefits to Teens:

“One is that everything in here is absolutely free.  If you get a library card the ‘world is your oyster’, because we live in a world of information and there is no where else you can get accurate information for free. Everyone here is interested in helping you.  We have a free phone at the entrance, which is a hot commodity in Homer; because I don’t think there are actually any free phones here.”

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