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Girls Scouts of Alaska

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Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies (708 Smoky Bay Way, Homer, AK 99603)



What is it?

Youth leadership development program for girls grades K-12. Troop members participate in camps and outdoor education, workshops and events. Girl Scouts encourages financial literacy through cookie sales, bake sales, and various fundraisers

What can Teens do?

Under 18 (before graduation) can join and participate in the program, over 18 (post graduation) can volunteer to be group leaders.

Teen Services:

Girl scouts who get into middle and high school can earn credits to go on exchange trips. K-12 can be girl scouts, after graduation teens can be leaders or help out with the troupe.

Benefits to Teens:

Learning skills. Through the various activities, teens can learn leadership skills, business skills, job shadowing, etc.

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