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Homer Animal Shelter & Animal Friends

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3745 Heath Street


Sherry Bess (907) 235-3141


Tuesday – Sunday 12pm – 5pm

What is it?

Homer Animal Friends pays 25% of spay/neuter, and shots; but cost includes an adoption fee, and 75% of spay/neuter costs. Need parental consent to adopt an animal.

“We’re like a safety net for the animals.  Sometimes people get into situations or there’s reasons why they can’t have their animal anymore.  And so we will gladly take their animal and take care of them until we can find them a new home.  We do that.  And people can come here and just enjoy giving animals some attention and helping out the community that way, making the animals feel comfortable and happy here, doing a little cleaning.  

We can give a little bit of advice on how to feed and take care of animals for people that maybe they’re first time pet owners.  And there’s animal control.  We can help people in the community.  If there’s a problem with a barking dog or running dogs or like that, we can step in and help out there.”

Events: Strut Your Mutt, February Trivia Night, The Buster Program on Thursdays at the shelter, classes for Dog Training programs.


There are many opportunities to volunteer at the shelter. Whatever your preference; walking dogs or petting cats or cleaning.  You can also  help with events and fundraisers, or with the training classes.“Your help and support are appreciated!”


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