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Homer Foundation

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3733 Ben Walters Lane


Joy Steward, 235-0541


Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm

What is it?

The Homer Foundation is a funder – they hey provide grants funds for other organizations that provide programs and services.

Teen Services:

“The one program we have that is youth focused is our Youth Advisory Committee, or YAC, and that’s kids that come together and learn about philanthropy, about what the foundation does, and then pretty much mirror what we do. They do an informal assessment of youth needs in the community, and then they have a grants program that they manage, where they distribute funds for programs and services that are provided to youth in the community.”


The Foundation can often use computer help and data entry.  “the work they’re doing directly benefits the organization.  Again, because we don’t have programs, they are not out there volunteering in a program that’s providing services to kids, so it would be an indirect benefit.  It’s an indirect benefit to the community through benefiting the Homer Foundation.”


Summer paid internships.

Benefits to Teens:

“We support programs that serve youth by providing financial resources, so they get to make the decisions and they actually do some of the fundraising.  So, again, a lot of the benefit is for those individuals involved, learning those life skills and leadership skills.  Then, for whatever programs that they provide funding for, the clients, the students, the youth that they serve are benefiting whether it’s the R.E.C. Room, or HOWL, or any of the other – Pier One Youth Theater.”

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