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Homer Volunteer Fire Department

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604 East Pioneer Avenue

(907) 235-3155 or 911 for emergencies


Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm

What is it?

Volunteer run local fire department.


Yearly EMT and Firefighter classes once a year. Training Programs; cost of only admission fees (75$) compared to other 6 credit and 12 credit classes at the university. EMT and Firefighter training programs. Ages required to be enrolled in this program: 17.5 or 18 – must have parental consent if teen is not yet 18. May have to pay admission fees.

What can Teens do?

Get involved in offered training programs, learn about everything associated with their department, and the department of public safety.


Must be 18yrs old. Volunteer firefighter and EMT (comes after the training programs) – But anything as small as a misdemeanor could easily be a barrier in for any certificates receivable through these programs.


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