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1554 Homer Spit Rd


(907) 399-HOWL  or (907) 399-4695

What is it?

Alaskan Summer Camps and Wilderness Expeditions for Youth. “Our mission is to empower young leaders by providing outdoor, experiential education through fun and dynamic adventures in Alaska.”

Financial Aid and/or discounts:

Offer scholarships, offer financial aid called DiRtBaG Awards- Discount Rates to Boys and Girls. Through the DiRtBaG program, students earn awards by participating in our annual Homer Clean-Up Week, wherein DiRtBaGgers pick up litter in town and on local beaches. “By collecting pledges from community members along with community sponsorships, we are able to fund the DiRtBaG Awards.”

HoWL has a fleet of backpacks, sleeping bags, hiking boots, rain gear and more to loan to students if they need it.


Can correlate with financial aid awards involving clean up.

Benefits to Teens:

Adventure, outdoor, fun, social, experiences.

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