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Kenai Peninsula Orchestra

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355 W. Pioneer Ave


Linda Reinhart


9:00 am – 12:00 pm Tues/Thurs

Teen Services:

Homer Youth String Orchestra Club — a precursor to the actual Kenai Peninsula Orchestra.

What can teens do?

Join! Play music! Music instruction is available.

Financial Aid or Discounts?

Scholarships are available for youth looking to join the Youth Orchestra.


Always in need of volunteers. People to: put up posters and advertise, setup and breakdown stages for performances, maintain social media presence, random things to help with the summer music festival. “We’re old people.  We’re just kind of moving into this and the kids all know all about it, and so we need to generate and maintain an appropriate presence in that and we are looking specifically for someone who is skilled in that those areas that would be willing to volunteer time in maintaining setting it up and maintaining it.”

Benefits to teens:

“We benefit teens who are interested in music and particular music performance, because we are the only – that I’m aware of – classical music performance group on the peninsula.  We’re probably the best, most widely organized music performance group and we do have small groups in different genres than just classical.

We have, you know, like blue grass and big band and Celtic, you know, those small groups that are sort of affiliated.  They are our musicians that kind of break out and we’re operate in small groups of particular interest, but I think our main benefit to teens is just the opportunity to perform and listen to good music.”

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