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MAPP – Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partntership

On 14, May 2015 | No Comments | In Community Service | By Stephanie


1230 Ocean Drive


(907) 235-0570

What is it?

“It’s a coalition helping the whole community work together to collect information, understand what’s going on in the community, to know what its needs are, to know what its strengths are and then, in theory, though that the exercise of collecting data you are developing relationships and partnerships and then you are identifying what you want to work on together as a community. MAPP is the parent to Homer Prevention Project.”


Ideas for projects.

Benefits to teens:

“So as far as what it can support to teens, I mean there is certainly ways that you can be involved like what you’re doing right now, but ideally it’s providing a vehicle, maybe a structure or a format, an avenue for working together for whatever you’re passionate about.”

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