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3858 Homer Spit Rd, Homer, AK 99603


(907) 235-7333

What is it?

Pier One often presents serious drama, musicals, and comedy — not just schlock. They also produce dance, classical music, and youth theater events during the summer.


One of the big things we do in the summertime are Youth Theatre camps and that’s youth/teen theatre instruction. Those camps are held at the Homer High School Mariner Theater area and that’s where they learn theater skills of various sorts and they’re segregated by age groups. So our hours of operation at the Spit Theatre are generally from like 5:30 in the afternoon until 10:30 at night, because we do evening performances.

Teen Services:

Youth Theatre Production. There are main stage shows for which teenagers that have been through the Youth Theatre camps often audition for – just regular plays and get cast and are involved.


The Youth Theatre camps have different tuition costs and I guess tuition is the best thing to call it. It starts with the youngest children, the 5 to 7 year olds at $100.00 and goes up to for the oldest ones to $275.00.


Pier One uses the cups that are – and if you save yours and bring it back, then you’ll get a discount.  So save your popcorn cup.  Put your name on it and bring it back next time for a discount.

What can teens do?

Participate in plays and volunteer to help plays happen. The production camp is 14 through 18 and it’s kind of like there is these levels that the youngest ones age 5 to 7 is just they’re learning the rudiments of theater, and then the next group learns to tell stories on stage and then the next group learns specific skills and acting and makeup and dancing and singing. And then the older group having been through that progression of classes is then ready to tackle a script and learning a part and doing all of that stuff.

Finacial Aid:

For all of the Youth Theatre camps there is a Tuition Assistance Program and we seek grants and get donations for individuals that are earmarked for Youth Theatre purposes and we then on our the application form that the student and the family fills out there is a little box to check if they would like to apply for tuition assistance.The process is pretty simple. The lead instructor for that camp will then talk to the parents and find out what the realities are for their personal financial situation. Sometimes if a family has two or three kids attending different camps it can be a financial burden that’s substantial for them. The process is pretty simple. The lead instructor for that camp will then talk to the parents and find out what the realities are for their personal financial situation. The Board of Trustees for Pier One Theatre long ago made the determination that no student should be prevented from attending a Youth. Theatre camp for financial reasons. And so we make every attempt to grant as much help as we can, especially when we see cases such as a family that’s kind of struggling in between jobs or having several kids in different camps because that can amount to a burden. So the tuition will generally run from 25 % to 75% of the cost of the tuition for that particular camp.


Another opportunity for teens is on being a volunteer at the concession stand or ushering. It’s a great way to see the show for free, because you get in to see the show.  You’re guaranteed a seat if you’re an usher.  And so popping popcorn or helping change money and this and that and, or ushering are those volunteer opportunities that teenagers frequently take advantage of throughout the summer.  Any time we have a production we’re going to have ushers and concession people there.


A techie at the theatre who is responsible for some aspect of the production that’s going on, whatever it is. And that could be running the light board or the sound mixer or moving sets backstage or helping with makeup or all of those areas of technical theater are available. We have two programs that are summer interns.  One of them is to be a summer intern and helping teach the Youth Theatre camps.

Benefits to teens:

The benefit for the youth in Homer is first of all, that being involved in any of these activities of Pier One’s means that that teen is collaborating with other people as an ensemble to produce something. And they produce something that’s public and out in the open and the teen is automatically treated as an adult in an adult situation.So I think that’s the area that I see real benefit to teenagers in working with Pier One is that no matter what the job is, whether it’s as a techie or as an usher or a Youth Theatre instructor or a performer on stage, there is this pervasive sense of the ensemble of people working together to achieve a work of art.

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