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Popeye Wrestling

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Meets at Homer High School and Chapman School in Anchor Point




Wrestling Season approximately Febraury 17th to May 1st or 2nd

What is it?

A nonprofit wrestling club open to youth of all ages. It’s a safe place to hang out and learn to wrestle.


$100 sign-up fee which covers various registrations and insurance in case you get hurt.

Scholarships are available.


The wrestling is monitored by both adult and teen volunteers. Dedicated teens can volunteer to monitor the younger wrestlers and help them learn new or better techniques.

Benefit to Teens:

The main benefit to teens in joining Popeye Wrestling is motivation: the drive to succeed and the leadership that develops.”You know you come out there with your head up high knowing that you did good, knowing that there is a group that supports you. Although you’re by yourself when you wrestle, you got this massive support group around you, your club, your parents, your town just pushing you to do your best and never give up.” Being a member of Popeye Wrestling opens up the opportunity to be part of a supportive community that aims to help students gain self-respect as well as skill.

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