Youth Job Training Program

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Kachemak Bay Campus


Dave Lewis


Age Requirements: 16-21


The Youth Job Training Program offers basic academic training or tutoring for teens trying to get through high school and/or their GED. They offer basic work-readiness skills (resume writing, interviewing, punctuality, calling in sick, general work ethic, etc.), and occupational training (figuring out what you want to do and how to get the training you need for it).

Financial Aid:

The YJTP is grant-funded, allowing them to fully cover the cost of different trainings and classes. They can help with filling out college FAFSA forms, and applying for grants (such as the Pell Grant) to help pay for programs they are interested in doing.

Benefits to Teens:

Skills training. The Youth Job Training Program is set up to aid youth in moving forward to get jobs, education, and trainings they might need in order to move forward with their lives. They are able to provide clothing, advocacy, employment, aid in filling out disability forms, submitting yearly taxes, help with PFD issues, housing forms (though not rent), and some limited legal help.

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